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  • Find and analyze influencers and their audience
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Scientific Data

Make better decisions and improve your budget allocation with the use of transparent and scientifically generated data on every influencer worldwide.

Professional Education

Stay ahead of the pack by efficiently learning about every important aspect of successful influencer marketing with our blog Influencer Marketing Education for Professionals.

Software-Based Processes

Improve daily tasks and scale your influencer marketing efforts while maintaining the highest quality possible for all of your team throughout every cooperation.

Influencer Marketing Education for Professionals

The 5 Biggest Influencer Marketing Trends for 2019

2019 is approaching and marketers are already in full swing with planning their influencer marketing strategy for the upcoming year. We've spotted 5 big influencer marketing trends for 2019 that will massively shape next year’s influencer marketing strategies and open new doors for brand-influencer collaborations. 

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Post API Shutdown, InfluencerDB Snatches Top Execs

New York, NY — August 23rd, 2018 – InfluencerDB announced the addition of two top executives to its roster, Jonathan Chanti, formerly of HYPR, as Global SVP of Sales, and Gloria Stitt, formerly of Julius Inc, as VP of Global Marketing.

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Explore the Features of InfluencerDB

Influencer Research

Finding the right influencers for every market and every topic has never been this easy.

The research database contains every channel on Instagram with at least 15,000 followers. You can apply different filters to find channels depending on their KPIs, languages used, the country they post from or a certain topic they focus on. For further insights, check out our Engaged Influencers section to find influencers who interact most with a certain channel.

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Influencer Analysis

Analyze any Influencer's channel and audience with our Influencer Analytics.

Understand what kind of users are following certain channels, where they come from and how they behave on Instagram. Take a very close look at our world exclusive Audience Quality Score to separate very valuable channels from spammy ones that will not create any measurable results.

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Influencer Relationship Management

Manage all your influencer relations and campaigns in one software.

Organize all your contacts in our My Network feature. This facilitates collaborating locally and globally and keeps all team members in the loop. Keep track of all data necessary to make your next influencer marketing campaign a tremendous success.

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Influencer Monitoring

Sick of not being able to track and monitor what is happening in the influencer universe?

We have the world's most extensive influencer monitoring for Instagram. Never miss any post in which an influencer mentions you or any competitor. You can track photo and text mentions or hashtags used. This helps you scale up your influencer marketing reporting.

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